Laser Hair Removal

Only a real laser will give you real, permanent laser hair removal results.

Our laser emitted emits a light that is absorbed by the pigment located deep in the hair follicle. The laser pulses to heat up the hair to stop regrowth right at the follicle.

Darla is highly skilled in laser hair removal and dedicated to assisting you with your personal situation. She has the experienced expertise that ensures safe, successful, permanent and realistic results that will leave your skin SLIC, smooth and healthy.

Price List & Packages


Treatment Area Treatment Price *Treatment Packages
Upper Lip $100 $400
Chin $125 $550
Cheeks $125 $550
Sideburns $125 $550
Scalp $250 $1,100
Forehead $125 $550
Ears $100 $450
Unibrow $50 $200
Neck (front) $150 $700
Neck (back) $150 $700
Lip/Chin/Neck $300 $1,500
Lip/Chin $200 $800
Full Face $360 $1,600

*Treatment Packages include 5 sessions

Consultation fee $25
FREE consultation with purchase of services
Missed appointment fee without 24 hours notice $50